How to Install ZpanelX Web Hosting Control Panel on Ubuntu Server 12.04

About Zpanel

Zpanel is free and open source web hosting control panel designed to work on platform Linux, Unix, Mac OSX and Windows OS based servers or computers. It easy to use and manage web hosting server for SOHO (Small Office Home Office) or professional servers.

ZpanelX support for unlimited resellers and  flawlessly integrates with MySQL Server, Apache2, hMailServer (on Microsoft Windows), Posfix (on Linux Distribution) and Filezilla (on Microsoft Windows) or ProFTPd (on Linux Distribution). For more detail about Zpanelx feature  you can check out @Zpanel_Feature_Page

Step-by-Step to Install ZpanelX 10.0.0 on Ubuntu Server 12.04

This guide will show Step-by-step to install Zpanelx 10 web hosting control panel  in ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server edition. There are two methods  to installing Zpanelx: Methods 1). Install automatically using script auto-installer . Methods 2) Install manually, direct download source Zpanelx then install and config manually. It is recommended that you only install ZPanelx 10 on a fresh installation of Ubuntu Server. On this case my IP Address : and Hostname : preciseserver

Method 1 : Install automatically using script auto-installer

Step 1. Login to your server  using ssh and make sure you have all the latest security updates for Ubuntu Server 12.04 by running following commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Step 2. Download script Zpanelx10 auto-installer for Ubuntu 12.04. This script work on Ubuntu server 12.04 x64 and Ubuntu server 12.04 x86.


Step 3. Install package tofrodos  using apt-get command.

sudo apt-get install tofrodos

Tofrodos comprises one program, “fromdos” alias “todos”, which converts text files to and from these formats. Use “fromdos” to convert DOS text files to the Unix format, and “todos” to convert Unix text files to the DOS format.

Step 4. Unzip then convert these script from DOS text files to the Unix format using fromdos command.

sudo fromdos

Step 5. Change the permission of the install script so it can be executed.

chmod +x

Run the installation script to disable AppArmor daemon

sudo ./

Reboot your computer

sudo init 6

 Step 6. After reboot, run again  installation script.

sudo ./

This script ask for all of the required information (such as IP address, Hostname/domain and Mysql password)

= Starting Auto Installer for ZPX on Ubuntu 12.04 =
= By Xengulai ( =
Variable collection:
Enter Server Public IP Address:
Enter server name:
(this should be the reverse lookup of
(ex. preciseserver
Enter FQDN for ZPX (ex. preciseserver
Enter MySQL root password: reloaded
Updating Aptitude Repos: Done.
Creating initial folder structure: Done.
Downloading / Extracting ZPX From SF to Temp Directory at /opt/zpanel: Done.
Copying ZpanelX files to /etc/zpanel: Done.
Registering 'zppy' client: Done.
Installing main packages: Done.
Setting Zpanel MySQL access: Done.
Importing Zpanel Core Database: Done.
Setting up Apache configuration to work with ZPX: Done.
Setting up Network info for ZPX and Compiling Default VHOST: Done.
Configuring Postfix and Dovecot: Done.
Configuring Roundcube: Done.
Installing and Configuring ProFTPD: Done.
Installing and Configuring BIND: Done.
Compiling zsudo: Done.
Setting cron for daemon.php: Done.
Registering ZPPY Client: Done.
Removing temp files: Done.
Restarting all necessary services: 
-- Apache2 Web Server Restarted Successfully
-- Postfix Server Restarted Successfully
-- Dovecot Server Restarted Successfully
-- ProFTPD Server Restarted Successfully
-- MySQL Server Restarted Successfully
-- Bind9 Server Restarted Successfully
Installing ballen/rustus zppy repo and modules: 
-- gatekeeper: installed
-- system_logviewer: installed
-- kfm: installed
-- ftp_browser: installed
-- visitor_stats: installed
= Installation and Configuration of ZPX on Ubuntu 12.04 is Complete =
= Install Log can be found at /home/precise/zpx_install.log
= Please REBOOT the server and open: =
= http://preciseserver/zpanel
= or =
= =
= USER: zadmin =
= PASS: password (Change on 1st login!) =
= This script is not written by official ZPX Support =
= Please do not ask them for official support on this =
= By Xengulai ( =

 Step 7. Download and Install post-installation patches/sql script

mysql -u root -p YOUR_ROOT_MYSQL_PASSWORD < /home/precise/post-install_patches.sql
sudo cp -R /home/precise/panel/* /etc/zpanel/panel/* 

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  • Mohamed Nazar


    Thanks for the steps, I have successfully installed the zpanel, but I have a issue when i try to log in via webmail with the email ID and password I am unable to login into it. The error is “connection to IMAP server failed”

    How to solve it?


  • John

    Step 2: Link off -> {“error”: “Service Unavailable”}

  • Victor Iaros

    chmod: changing permissions of `’: Operation not permitted

    • Izhar Aazmi

      use sudo chmod +x and provide password when requested. See if this works!

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