FTP Server

This tutorial will shows you how to installing and Configure MySecureShell on ubuntu server edition. MySecureShell adds interesting features in terms of safety-SFTP Server. This tool uses the OpenSSH encryption to protect data and queries that are issued.There are more problems with the generation of certificates and public and private keys are supported for authentication without password. Another [...]


Previously, I have wrote about How to build a FTP server using vsftpd. Acctualy, vsftpd was fairly safe to use personal FTP server, in this post I will sharing how to secure FTP server using TLS / SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer). TLS / SSL provide end to end authentication and communications [...]


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one way we communicate with remote computers. On this occasion I would share a tutorial on how to build an FTP server ubuntu server LTS 12.04, Acctualy,there are many applications that can be used in building FTP server, but on this tutorial how to build an FTP server on ubuntu [...]